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My core values

  • My highest core value is to be honest.  If I cannot do that, I do not deserve to be elected.
  • I regularly attend a Christian church.  A devoted Christian, Charles Sheldon, in in the city where I was born, made popular the phrase, "What Would Jesus Do?"   As a born-again Christian I ask this question a lot when encountering situations.
  • I was raised in a working-class family and I have always worked for a living. I work as a respiratory therapist in a sleep center.  I know firsthand the problems working people face.
  • We need to fight to protect the middle class, who, even with "good" jobs, are finding it difficult to make ends meet.  Employees should be allowed organized representation when negotiating wages and work conditions.
  • We must protect the status of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, so all people can thrive and enjoy a secure retirement.
  • Every person needs access to decent and affordable healthcare.  We need Medicare for all.  I work in healthcare and see firsthand problems people face with healthcare issues.
  • I have always supported and will always support the rights of our veterans to care in the VA system.  I signed the Contract with Americas Veterans to show my support.  See my support listed in the CAV website, at www.cav.vet .
  • All people of all ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds, male and female, regardless of sexual orientation, have the right to equal treatment in hiring practices and in treatment by employers.
  • With global warming becoming an ever greater issue, we need to protect our environment. We need to promote energy such energy sources as solar and wind power.  we need to wean our economy from coal and petroleum and clean up these two while doing so.  I oppose fracking and offshore drilling, because of the problem we have seen with these.  We need to protect our parklands for all our people to enjoy.
  • I support the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, proposed by American Promise. This Amendment would take large donations out of all political races so in American Promise's words "we the people govern the United States - not big money, not unions, and not corporations."  This would allow for free and fair elections in which citizens from all walks of like could run for office on a level playing field.
  • We need immigration reform.  We need a system that is fair and that spells out exactly where visa applicants stand in the system.   We need a worker visa program that really works.  And I will not sell those persons out who came to this country as children and have no status.  They ended up in this mess through no fault of their own.
  • We must keep semi-automatic weapons out of the hands of people who use them for mass murder. We cannot allow more mass murder atrocities at our schools, churches and other public places to take place. To own a machine gun, one has an extremely stringent list of requirements he or she must meet and maintain.  I propose we adopt almost identical guidelines for anyone wanting to own semi-automatic weapons and that this could only be used for current owners who happened to qualify.  I would offer a generous buyback program for such weapons.  All further semi-automatic sales would be banned.  This would take all such guns off the streets.  Few of these completely licensed gun owners would be left and they could not sell their guns without express permission and only to other  completely licensed gun owners.  For more about current laws concerning machine gun ownership see https://www.cga.ct.gov/2009/rpt/2009-R-0020.htm .
  • And some have asked, so I am giving my views on animal cruelty.  If asked, I will cosponsor legislation banning the use of animals in the testing of cosmetics.  I will cosponsor legislation that will aid in the humane treatment of animals, since I love the two pets we have ourselves.
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